09 June 2015

Key et Peele can make me laugh like nobody's business. After watching my favorites, I found my creativity sparked--my awareness activated. An hour or more of laughing and a discernible twitch was present in my mind. It was a most excellent occurrence.

03 June 2015


HAIKU - zaas (c)2015

lion presses in
between foliage, sights a
wary fuel array

sundown showoff

POETRY - zaas (c)2015

Seeking to borrow
yesterday's happiness
instead I behold
a smoking gun of sorrow

Timeless wishes
are too much to ask
as wealth in my being
overflows with glitches

utterly tony

original haiku - zaas
~utterly tony~

black patent-leather
hair with matching persona
stiletto eyes spark

18 June 2014


original haiku - zaas (c) 2015

woman on the verge
of sexual exalt waits...
for another wave

16 June 2014

the end


~the end~

sky rolling coal from
nature's retribution to
mankind's finale

15 June 2014

for my father

A Wild-March Morning, Alfred Lord Tennyson

And in the wild March-morning 
I heard the angels call;
It was when the moon was setting, 
and the dark was over all;
The trees began to whisper, 
and the wind began to roll,
And in the wild March-morning 
I heard them call my soul.

March Morning, by John Atkinson Grimshaw

EJS died on the 9th of March, many years ago. I've missed you forever Dad.


original haiku - zaas (c)2015

high octane petrel
wings abide altitude and

14 June 2014

kind of man

HAIKU - zaas (c)2015
~kind of man~

mankind dropped the ball
screwed the pooch tied to a tree
rampant killers, we

zut alors!

original haiku - zaas (c)2015
~zut alors~

dreams transport haunted
castle of lust, for I crave
some friction fiction

13 June 2014

meal fruition

HAIKU - zaas (c)2015
~meal fruition~

lasagna chuckles inside
enfruited belly

freedom of sortz

HAIKU - zaas (c)2015
~freedom of sortz~

money, a feather
in the cap that's worn askew
brings ersatz freedom

11 June 2014

HAIKU - zaas (c)2015


we swim magic in
treasure-chest waters. we are
smiles in nature's eye
~free light~

poets' moon, muse to
preternatural events;
this orb delivers

08 June 2014

~tidal refrain~

graceful seahorses
on feverish tides abide
full moon spell of ebb

07 June 2014

~slick sticks~

reeds at shore glisten
a stampede of morning dew
coats anew each stalk
~sight see~

plagiarize the blind
sight of sacrosanctity
vision to uphold